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                      Fay Cosmetic Brushes Co.,Ltd

 Why our factory called Fay? It is derived from an old allusion "playing the ninth chapter of Xiaoshao, phonenix come to dance", which meaning refers to the elegant art can be connected with gods, and good omen is coming. We provide the high quality and unique products for customers as the cornerstone of development, believe that success is quite very near to us!

 As a professional makeup brushes manufacturer, we are specialized in brush making and raw materials over 20 years experience. Quality is our business! We have extremely strict controling on each production procedures, for example seven steps to get rid of the problem of hair shedding by manual and mechine, all raw materials/finished products are fully inspected and dust-free packaging. With the best quality for the customer's long-term trust!

We adhering to the enterprise cultures:
Pragmatism, Integrity, Unity, Diligence, Profession, Innovation, Win-win and Gratitude, to make between customers, suppliers and society develop harmoniously, let all employees happy work and happy live!

We look forward to working with you!