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    Fay Cosmetic Brushes Co.,Ltd

    Fay Cosmetic Brushes Co.,Ltd

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    Contact Us

    Tel: +86-769 8190 0169
    Add: #172 Huancun Rd, Jinxiaotang Zhutang, Fenggang, Dongguan 523681 China
    QQ: 1299078091
    E-mail: sales@faybrush.com

    About Us

     Fay Cosmetic Brushes Co.,Ltd was founded by a group of experts who are specialized in brush making over 20 years. We are professional makeup brushes factory/manufacturer/supplier.


     We always pay the most attention on controling product quality since founded, from raw materials to finished products all processes are inspected 100% by QA team. Quality is our business, the best quality for you is the best promise for consumers. We will try our utmost to solve your problems within 24 hours!

     The makeup brushes we designed are very popular with our customers, such as Anatasia, KIKO, ColorPop, etc.

    Our products ranges from Professional mkaeup brush sets, Convenience makeup  brush sets ,Gift makeup brush sets,Travel makeup brush sets and single individual cosmetic brushes. Over hundreds style brushes for customer to choose, we also accept client’s colors or designs, and we have over 10 years OEM experience, so OEM orders are welcomed.Besides, we will provide reasonable and competitive price for you.

       Fay is fulfilled with confidence to let consumers satisfied with our products. Your any comments to our factory or products are welcomed, no matter whether it is positive, it will be the biggest supports to us!
    Looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future!